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New release of setup.exe (

I'm happy to announce a new release of setup.exe. This version will
correctly set permissions for use with the ntsec setting of cygwin,
which is the default now. Additionally it allows the use of http proxies
that require a username with no password.

To download this version, simply click on the 'install cygwin now' link
on the cygwin homepage, or wait for setup.exe to be copied out to your
preferred mirror.


2003-03-05  Max Bowsher  <maxb at ukf dot net>

        * (save_dialog): Allocate an empty string if the password is
        null, so that an empty password is accepted elsewhere in setup.
        (check_if_enable_ok): An empty password is OK.

2003-03-04  Pavel Tsekov  <ptsekov at gmx dot net>

        * (compress_gz::construct): Always initialize key members
        to ensure the destructor does the right thing.

2003-02-28  Max Bowsher  <maxb at ukf dot net>

        * (set_default_sec): Add logging.

2002-11-26  Robert Collins  <rbtcollins at hotmail dot com>

        Backport from HEAD
        * (etc_profile): Remove.
        (make_etc_profile): Remove.
        (uexists): Remove.
        (make_passwd_group): Remove.
        (do_desktop_setup): Don't call removed functions.

2003-02-28  Max Bowsher  <maxb at ukf dot net>

        Backport from HEAD
        * (%.o: %.rc): Make windres use $(CC) not hardcoded gcc.
        (inilint_LDADD): Remove -lstdc++.
        (setup_LDADD): Ditto.

2003-02-28  Pierre Humblet  <pierre dot humblet at ieee dot org>

        Backported by Pavel Tsekov <ptsekov at gmx dot net>
        * (set_default_dacl): Replace with set_default_sec.
        (set_default_sec): Attempt to change the default group to
        Users or Administrators if it is None, in addition to setting
        Everyone in the default DACL.
        (main): Call set_default_sec instead of set_default_dacl.
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