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Pending setup patches (issue 8)

And another, to fix my mistake in the last one - Sorry Igor!

Patches queued for review:
* Igor's postinstall ordering patch
Latest patch here:

Just waiting for me (Max) to do it:
* Update included zlib to 1.1.4
* Tweak timestamps on zlib autogenerated files.

Patches held to allow feedback:
* Remove autotool-generated files from CVS
Will happen on Thurs 13th March (tomorrow!) if no objections received by

* Remove *empty* directories on uninstalls. (done?)
* Correctly overwrite -r--r--r-- files. (done?)

Patches being worked on (not required for next release):
* Igor's postinstall logging
Many threads. Latest one starts here:

* Gary's big chooser patch
Updated patch in the works.

* Max's Preliminary colour-coding patch
Needs a key/legend plus design fixes. (Working on it)

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