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Re: Setup cvs HEAD build problems

Robert Collins wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 03:37, Max Bowsher wrote:
>>> Ok, well I'm going to practice delegation here: Max - when you look
>>> at zlib, can you ensure that the timestamps on zlib's autotool
>>> files are correctly ordered?
>> Delegation accepted, but I think it's potentially more complicated
>> than that. I'll dig up some docs on the subject.
> Nyah, its not complicated:
> the autoconf and automake files are timestamped. If you run make dist
> in an automake project in the zlib directory, you'll get a 'pristine'
> tarball with monotonically increasing dates across the source and
> generated files. Similarly for autoconf without automake, you need to
> produce (from memory)
> <= acinclude.m4 < aclocal.m4 < < configure.
> That needs to be reflected in CVS.

I've remembered the complication I mentioned: cvs checkout recreates
timestamps from the repository, but cvs update does not. However, this won't
bother us, since we hardly ever update the zlib/bz2lib/rsync subdirs.

I'll verify the order you quote above, and make appropriate changes to CVS.


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