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Re: LPRng issues (fwd)

> From: Brian Gallew <geek at burri dot to>
> THe autom4te cache was left there because it is in the original source
> tarball that I downloaded from  I didn't have any errors
> when I ran the configure script myself (strange that you should have an
> error) which is why I didn't provide a patch for it.  In fact, I applied
> no patches whatsoever.  I didn't regenerate configure or *.in.  The only
> difference between my source tarball and the original one is that this one
> is pre-configured (in case someone just wants to type "make").

I think this is a *bad* idea. You cannot guarantee that *every* Cygwin
install will be identical to yours, now and forevermore.

> If you'd
> prefer, I can certainly replace it with a pristine source tarball.  I'm
> hesitant to drop the autom4te cache simply because then I really should
> provide a patch, and I have no desire to provide unnecessary patches.

Probably not worth it. But might be worth mentioning to the LPRng people
that they left temporary cache files in their distribution tarball.


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