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Re: /etc/setup/setup.cfg ?

On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 03:54, Max Bowsher wrote:

> > Either we disallow comments, or we keep the order, IMO.
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> My vote.

Ok, we are starting down a rabbit hole.

Whomever puts the time in can decide whether it's user editable or not. 

I've already listed the criterion needed for a successful patch:
Key code requirements:
* Settings must not be centralised in the code.
* GUI must not be a requirement (text mode setup tools already exist).
* Must be robust to handle text/bin issues and users fiddling - OR 100%
opaque to the user. (i.e. if it looks like users can fiddle, we must
survive them fiddling).

Note that the basis for the first in CVS, to get the ball rolling. The
second should be trivial. The third is a choice *for the coder*. If it's
human readable, it must be editable, and if it supports comments they
must stay ordered. In other words: Please, don't debate this. Code it.
One way or the other.

I'll add another incentive: I'll accept 'progress' patches, that
refactor the code to use the emerging framework, as long as the current
*behaviour* doesn't change. (i.e. we still use last-mirror etc).

The first patch that starts to use /etc/setup.conf must also implement
setting migration, for the settings in use in the framework at that


A final note: human readable files have an advantage: when something
goes wrong, we can fix them more easily than non-human readable files.
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