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setup wishlist -- a 'hold' options

With the talk of a /etc/setuprc file and the email below on cygwin@,
I thought I'd suggest a 'hold' option for the setup.exe wishlist. 
There are certain packages (like postgresql in this case) that some
users *never* want to upgrade as long as the old version keeps working.
(The 'hold' term is borrowed from apt.)

This is just a suggestion for the long-term wishlist. No demands. :)

"günter_strubinsky" <strubinsky at acm dot org>, cygwin at cygwin dot com
Subject: Re: cygwin archive? (previous versions for fallback)

günter strubinsky wrote:
> I had a previous release of cygwin running. It contained postgresql
> 7.2.3. When I updated now, Postgresql version 7.3.2 was installed
> which sadly requires a dump and restore of the 'old' database to
> recognize the data. That I found out too late. My data can not be
> accessed anymore. When I tried to download a previous version via
> installer, the only version accessible is
> 7.3.1 which doesn't go back early enough.
> I need to go back to a version that contains PostgreSQL 7.2.x or my
> data is lost.
> I don't mind that the installer doesn't warn of release changes which
> renders your data inaccessible, but I NEED to be able to go back
> (only to dump my data so that it can't be reloaded with the brandnew
> version.
> There must be a way to access an archive of 'older' cygwin
> installation packages.

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