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Re: grace Review (Re: Pending packages status)

Volker Quetschke wrote:
> Hi Max,
>>> I updated to grace 5.1.12, the new urls are:
>>> ~
>>> ~
>>> ~
>> I've never used grace, but it's a pity for a package to have votes
>> but no review, so I thought I'd take a look at the packaging.
> Thanks!

No problem.

>> Here are some issues I found:
>> You say "* No patches necessary." in usr/doc/Cygwin/grace.README, but
> you do
>> patch examples/Makefile and examples/dotest
> Ah, well, these patches only fix the make check command, this is not
> needed if you don't want to do a make check. I'll change that line in
> the README.
>> /usr/grace/gracerc.user will be overwritten on uninstall/upgrade.
>> Based on the comments in it, that might be ok, but it might be nice
>> to add an extra comment indicating this.
> Yes, I will add a hint that /usr/grace/gracerc and
> /usr/grace/gracerc.user will be overwritten. If the user wants to keep
> his/her settings between updates he should put the gracerc and
> gracerc.user in a ./grace/ directory.
>> I don't think changing the default editor to nano is right. I think
>> you should leave it alone, and everyone can set GRACE_EDITOR to
>> their own preference. I certainly don't think grace should depend on
>> nano. [Yes, I am a vim addict]
> Ok, ok, I will change that back to the default and use the
> GRACE_EDITOR variable from now on ;-)

Good, good, and good!
Don't forget to remove the nano dependency from setup.hint

>> There is some html documentation in the source package. How about
>> installing it?
> It's installed, it is in /usr/grace/doc, available also from grace
> with
> the help menu. Unfortunately I had to change the helpbrowser to lynx
> because there is no XmHTML or libhelp package in cygwin at the moment
> and one of those libraries is needed for the internal helpviewer.

Oh, ok. Perhaps you could s!doc!/usr/grace/doc!g in the README, so that
grace newbies (like me) are more likely to find it?


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