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Re: /etc/setup/setup.cfg ?

John Morrison wrote:
>> From: Max Bowsher> John Morrison wrote:
>>>> From: Igor Pechtchanski
>>>> Hi,
>>>> There have been bits of persistent state that people wanted to
>>>> store for setup.  I'm proposing an Xdefaults-style setup.cfg in
>>>> /etc/setup.  If we compile a list of things to go in there, I could
>>>> write a parser for it (I don't think it merits yacc, like the one
>>>> for setup.ini :-D).
>>>> Igor
>>> Think that's a good idea, but you'd only be able to parse it if
>>> a) the registry as / mounted and (or)
>>> b) the path to install cygwin has been entered :)
>> I think that is acceptable.
>>> BTW, apart from colours, what would you store?  Whether the users
>>> been asked if they want shortcuts?
>> Yes, that is a prime example.
>> Also, allowing the user to set persistent defaults:
>> * Disable antivirus
>> * Install Type
>> * Proxy settings
>> and maybe even the option to skip across pages entirely.
> Oh, oh!  Got another!  Disable md5sum check (useful for
> internal distribution) for 'install from local'.

Oh yes, something has *got* to be done about that. I've been patching it off
in all my build since it was added.


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