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Re: grace Review (Re: Pending packages status)

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Hi Max,

|>I updated to grace 5.1.12, the new urls are:
| I've never used grace, but it's a pity for a package to have votes but no
| review, so I thought I'd take a look at the packaging.

| Here are some issues I found:
| You say "* No patches necessary." in usr/doc/Cygwin/grace.README, but
you do
| patch examples/Makefile and examples/dotest
Ah, well, these patches only fix the make check command, this is not
needed if you don't want to do a make check. I'll change that line in

| /usr/grace/gracerc.user will be overwritten on uninstall/upgrade. Based on
| the comments in it, that might be ok, but it might be nice to add an extra
| comment indicating this.
Yes, I will add a hint that /usr/grace/gracerc and
/usr/grace/gracerc.user will be overwritten. If the user wants to keep
his/her settings between updates he should put the gracerc and
gracerc.user in a ./grace/ directory.

| I don't think changing the default editor to nano is right. I think you
| should leave it alone, and everyone can set GRACE_EDITOR to their own
| preference. I certainly don't think grace should depend on nano.
| [Yes, I am a vim addict]
Ok, ok, I will change that back to the default and use the GRACE_EDITOR
variable from now on ;-)

| There is some html documentation in the source package. How about
| it?
It's installed, it is in /usr/grace/doc, available also from grace with
the help menu. Unfortunately I had to change the helpbrowser to lynx
because there is no XmHTML or libhelp package in cygwin at the moment
and one of those libraries is needed for the internal helpviewer.

I will upload a new version shortly.

~    Volker

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