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[setup TODO] Proposed prioritization of TODO items

Here is a proposal for relative priorities of setup TODO items.

Opinions welcome.


TODO (ideally for next release):
 * Don't downgrade if the curr version is <= installed?
 * Mark versions as prev/curr/test in the GUI when clicking through them.
 * Remove *empty* directories on uninstalls. (done?)
 * Correctly overwrite -r--r--r-- files. (done?)
 * Going back, changing the local cache dir, and going forward again does
   correctly reparse inis in the new dir.
   Reproduction: Choose an incorrect cache dir, go back, correct it.
   Chooser shows all packages in Misc.
 * "compress_bz::error called" appears in the log every time a package is
   installed, even if everything works.
 * Cancelling during MD5 check just stops the GUI updating until the check
   completes, and then continues with setup as if Cancel had not been
 * Toggling from All Default to All Install takes *way* too long.

TODO (longer term):
 * Chooser scrollbar sometimes lost with odd font sizes.
 * Make setup.exe available through Add/Remove
 * Support rpm/deb files for reading the package from. (To allow the
   maintainers the use of rpm/deb tools to create packages.)
 * Make a librar(y|ies) for setup and cygcheck to use containing
   1) Something to translate POSIX -> native.  Currently called "cygpath"
      in setup, although this is probably a bad choice of name.
   2) Something to return the list of installed packages.
   3) Something to return the cygwin mount table.  Currently, I have
      a lightweight setmntent and getmntent using the code in
**** Can anyone complete the sentence? --------------------->
   4) Something to parse a tar file name into package/version or
      return that information from 2)
   5) Something to return a list of files associated with a package.

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