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Re: when is next release of setup.exe

>> Pavel Tsekov wrote:
>>> Yes. Right. Obviously if linda have followed the recent threads she
>>> could avoid build problems. There is no need to rehash the long
>>> discussion each time someone decides to compile setup.

> Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Rehash? Recent? Maybe I'm just forgetful, but I don't remember a long
>> discussion. Certainly not recently.

Pavel Tsekov wrote:
(gcc-2) >
(bison) >
> There are maybe others.. the bison problem was discussed on both
> cygwin & cygwin-apps.

Yes, but she didn't ask about the bison problem, and my gcc-2 message you
mention above didn't exactly go into much detail - even *if* someone found
it and read it completely, I can understand them not linking it to the
compile errors caused.

>> I *will* continue to help those who ask good questions about setup.
> Do as you please. I don't see what was so good it that specific
> question. It seem more that it was just an excercise.

You are right - the question wasn't specifically good. But it did provide
sufficient, relevant, information that I could work out the problem in ~1

> I think that the the ones who want to build setup or any other
> software are supposed to have some knowledge how to deal with
> problems which may arise at build time.

True - but a little pointer in the right direction never hurts.


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