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Re: Setup Bug Collation

I've merged this into the README.

Thanks Max,
----- Original Message -----
From: "Max Bowsher" <maxb at ukf dot net>
To: <cygwin-apps at cygwin dot com>
Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2002 6:06 AM
Subject: Setup Bug Collation

> The new setup snapshot 2.303 has been out a while now, and there have
been a
> variety of bug reports.
> I've attempted to create a summary list of open setup issues - please
let me
> know if I've missed any.
> 1) Going back, changing the local cache dir, and going forward again
> not correctly reparse inis in the new dir.
> Reproduction: Choose an incorrect cache dir, go back, correct it.
> shows all packages in Misc.
> 2) BSOD switching to install mode after downloading lots of software.
> Was anyone ever able to come up with a reproduction method for this?
> 3) Sometimes packages set to 'Keep' appear in the 'Partial' view.
> I have seen this myself from time to time, but can't duplicate it on
> Can anyone?
> 4) Chooser scrollbar sometimes lost with odd font sizes.
> Seperate message sent asking for reproduction method.
> 5) Setup not properly realizing that versions are unavailable, leading
> "Cannot open (null) for reading".
> And 3 more I'm reporting here for the 1st time:
> 9) "compress_bz::error called" appears in the log every time a package
> installed, even if everything works.
> Reproducability: 100%.
> 10) Cancelling during MD5 check just stops the GUI updating until the
> completes, and then continues with setup as if Cancel had not been
> 11) Toggling from All Default to All Install takes *way* too long.
> And one sensible feature request: Confirm cancellation of setup if in
> middle of doing something.
> To Robert: Request approval to add this feature request to the TODO in
> and generally tidy up TODO's formatting while I'm at it.
> Max.

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