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Re: Pending packages status

Hi Danilo & *,

I've got a new release of TCM/Cygwin (source and binary) that can be found here:

Due to some changes I made, I inremented the patch-level (to 2). Pavel, would you please adjust the links in your next "Pending ..." mail?

Testers welcome, as usual. I tested on Win2K and XP. Both problems that Danilo reported are fixed.

Thanx & Kind Regards,

Danilo Turina wrote:
5. TCM

date   : 27 Jan 2003
version: 2.20-1
status : not reviewed
notes  :
votes  : 2 (Christopher and Lapo)
url    :

I tried TCM, but it seems not to work properly. After installation through setup, I launch it in this way:

$ tcm could not open color info file '/usr/X11R6/share/tcm-2.20colorrgb.txt'

It seems that a slash is missing between "tcm-2.20" and "colorrgb.txt".
In addition when I try to click on the single tools I get errors like these (on the console):

/usr/X11R6/doc/tcm-2.20/bin/tgd: not found /usr/X11R6/doc/tcm-2.20/bin/tgt: not found

I tried also to download the sources (from the TCM site I think) and to compile them: in that case tcm works (even if it's installed under /opt).


Danilo Turina

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