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Re: [PATCH] Postinstall script ordering in setup - take 2

On 5 Mar 2003, Robert Collins wrote:

> I.e. if package foo has an install script depending on a script found in
> package bar, setup.ini has to list foo requiring bar. Then in the script
> we list foo-install requiring bar-utility to have completed first.
> Using the packages as dependencies we can build the same topological
> tree based on the packages that will end up as installed (Because we do
> know which package has which postinstall script).

Yes, but using scripts is more fine-grained.

> Re-running install scripts every time, when a package has not changed,
> is bad IMO, because we haven't made any requirements for idempotent
> behaviour. If a package needs something to occur because it's changed
> it, it should trigger that (or, for generics like info pages setup
> should observe the occurence and trigger the action).

Umm, the patch I submitted won't do that.  It will only re-run the script
if it exists.  If the script exists with ".done" after it, it'll assume
the script has already run, and won't re-run it.

> Thus - I think this is a short term bandaid, because it increases work,
> not decreases it, and there is a better solution out there, as shown by
> the other package managers.
> Rob

I agree.  If the package dependence mechanism becomes more fine-grained,
then we could certainly merge the two.
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