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Re: A new version of setup very soon?

On Fri, 2003-02-28 at 15:20, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> I would really appreciate it if we could release a new version of
> setup.exe with (at least) Pierre Humblet's ntsec changes soon.  I think
> it is becoming very clear that Pierre's ntsec changes are required if we
> want sane behavior for executables after installation.
> Having Gary's "resize" option available wouldn't hurt either.
> Robert, I know you're busy but is there any way you could maybe offload
> the release onto someone else?  I'm willing to give someone cvs access
> if that helps.

We've got a set of logic bugs to fix before we can release - orthogonal
to the resize and ntsec changes.

cvs access isn't the bottleneck - Max has been doing a great job of
commiting post-review.

The bottleneck is programmer time - someone needs to fix those logic
bugs and submit a patch.

There was a thread on this the last time we got keen about a release :}.

I am really really hoping to flush the patch queue this weekend at least
as far as code reviews goes. (although I may end up asking Max to commit

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