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Re: Request #2 to add a new package: ccdoc

I've made a brief review of the packaging, but not the functionality. Here 
is a list of problems that need to be fixed:

1) The source package includes files/dirs left by tools like autoconf and
configure. These need to be removed. I see there is no 'distclean' stage 
in you Makefile, so I guess the right place is in 'clean'.

2) Some of the files in the source package contain unix line endings, 
while others have dos line endings. All files should have unix line 

3) The excutable file in the binary package should be stripped by running
'strip executable_file'.

4) The man page in the binary pakage has a name of ''. Should
be ccdoc.1. Seems like something is wrong with the 'install-man' stage
in your Makefile.

5) The source package should contain a dir called CYGWIN-PATCHES. This dir 
contains Cygwin specific files - like Cygwin specific README, setup.hint 
and other files. In the case of ccdoc it should contain setup.hint. Then 
you should generate a patch. To see how to generate this patch and what is
its purpose visit the following link:


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