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Re: libtool error while building setup as a Cygwin app

On Mon, 24 Feb 2003, Charles Wilson wrote:

> Max Bowsher wrote:
> >>$ cygcheck -c autoconf autoconf-devel autoconf-stable automake
> >>automake-devel automake-stable
> >>Cygwin Package Information
> >>Package             Version
> >>autoconf            2.54-1
> >>autoconf-devel      2.57-1
> >>autoconf-stable     2.13-4
> >>automake            1.7.1-1
> >>automake-devel      1.7.2-1
> >>automake-stable     1.4p5-5
> >
> >
> > Me too. Those are the [curr] versions.
> >
> > I'm really confused what could be causing this.
> I hate to say this, but try removing the autotool gen'ed files and
> running the bootstrap script again (yes, I know this is the "try
> rebooting" answer).  I've noticed some intermittent weirdness where the
> libtool script doesn't get generated properly -- but it's intermittent
> so I can't track it down.
> Most commonly, when I see an "unable to infer tagged configuration", if
> I look at the actual libtool script I can see that it is improperly
> formed.  Re-bootstrapping usually fixes it.  Sigh.
> --Chuck


If you'd like to take a look at it, I can send you the failing libtool
script.  It didn't seem malformed to me, but, as I mentioned before, I'm a
libtool newbie.  Basically, the script was checking "$base_compile"
against "$CC", and it was using "$CXX" (i.e., g++) instead.  Don't know
how significant this is.

Come to think of it, this could also have something to do with the fact
that I've had the autotool-generated files for a while, and they are
likely generated by an older version of autotools (but not that old --
"configure" and "" are dated Feb 1; I believe I had automake
1.7.1 back then).
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