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CMake 1.6.5-1

There has been a new release of the official cmake (1.6.5).
This is a minor release from 1.6.3 to 1.6.5. 

Changes from 1.6.4 to 1.6.5

A fix to the TestForANSIForScope module so that it doesn't keep check each configure. A fix to the Visual studio 7 generator to better support Visual studio 7.1. A fix for nmake makefiles that include out of build libraries that have lib as part of their formal name. A fix for Borland makefile dependencies causing some dependencies to be unrecognized by Borland's make. An improvement to the Windows GUI such that if you have MSVC7 installed it will be the default generator for new projects. 

Changes from 1.6.3 to 1.6.4

A fix for TRY_COMPILE on Windows 95, 98, ME. A fix for windows nmake builds with spaces in the path. A minor fix for the FindLibrary command. Some fixes for the FindJNI.cmake module for MacOSX.

Here are the required files:

# CMake setup.hint file for cygwin setup.exe program
category: Devel 
requires: libncurses6 cygwin 
sdesc: "A cross platform build manger" 
ldesc: "CMake is a cross platform build manager. It allows you to specify build parameters for C and C++ programs in a cross platform manner. For cygwin Makefiles will be generated. CMake is also capable of generating microsoft project files, nmake, and borland makefiles. CMake can also perform system inspection operations like finding installed libraries and header files." 
prev: 1.4.7-1
curr: 1.6.5-1

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