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Re: pdksh package proposal (AT&T ksh93 info)

jbuehler at hekimian dot com wrote:
Elfyn McBratney wrote:

No problem...I was waiting to see if the AT&T ksh would crop up so jumped at
the chance when I saw yours and Igor's message :-)

I have a script to build the AT&T ksh93 if you want to work on beating it into
package form. We use ksh93 and some other things for a build system where
I work, and it has been running quite well. I am busy enough with Cygwin emacs
stuff as it is, and have no time for working on a ksh93 package.

I also have an email from the ksh authors with the conditions for releasing a
Cygwin package for ksh93. I don't think there was anything objectionable --
they just want patches fed back to them and that sort of thing.

ksh is actually part of a UNIX portability framework that includes all sorts of
other things, both commands and libraries. But you don't need most of the
other stuff if you just want to package ksh.

Yes, please do considier using the "real" thing. David Korn has, on numerous instances, pointed out that pdksh does not fully comply with Korn Shell standards, and thus may not be fully compatible. As you'll note from the change logs on the website, he's done much work recently to get it to work properly within Cygwin's framework. I think it should be a considieration for the Korn purists out there :-). Any volunteers?

In case he's listening... Karsten, now would be the time to speak up. [For those that don't know, he was working on ksh93 packages about 9 months ago...]


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