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Re: setup question: Shouldn't dependency info be honored evenduring local installs?

On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 03:17, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Shouldn't the dependency part of setup.exe be "back end" driven?  That
> is, when setup.exe goes to install tar, shouldn't it complain if gzip
> isn't installed or going to be installed?
> If not, maybe we need a utility which can be run (cygcheck?) to check
> package dependencies.  Then we can just tell someone to "run cygcheck -p"
> to analyze their packages or something.

It is driven at the back end. We just don't have a gui for alerting
about dependency problems.

The gui needs to address:
* Showing the problem (ie. 1) that tar needs gzip, but can't find it
gzip, or 2) that tar needs gzip, but it's been deliberately deselected)
* Allow the user to rectify the problem (i.e. automatically select the
missing packages, or cancel setup if there are non-available packages).

I've been meaning to make the chooser just a *little* more run-time
configurable, and then we can pop up a contectual chooser window showing
just the relevant packages.

Oh, as for missing packages, cygcheck -p if fine by me, although I
suggest leveraging the setup.exe classes a la setup-lint.

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