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RE: Latest rev of NFS server

"Oh, Bother," said Pooh.  I'll try to resolve this - it's working
on my system, so I may just have transposed some numbers :-/

	-----Original Message----- 
	From: Pavel Tsekov [] 
	Sent: Sun 2/16/2003 6:49 AM 
	Subject: Re: Latest rev of NFS server

	On Sat, 15 Feb 2003, Robb, Sam wrote:
	> This version re-enables the checks for owner/group of the
	> exports file, and updates the nfs-server-config script to
	> set the owner/permissions on the default exports file
	> to the expected values.
	> If you already have an existing exports file, you will need
	> to explicitly change owner/permissions on the file yourself:
	>   chmod 664 /etc/exports
	>   chown 18:544 /etc/exports
	Unfortunately this doesn't work. The daemons (nfsd,mountd) complain, that
	a user with uid different from 18 are allowed to write to /etc/exports.
	So the permissions of /etc/exports should be 644 to start the new version
	of the daemon.
	It seems to me that setting uid=544 and gid=18 fit better. If you think
	about it, the SYSTEM user needs only to have read access to /etc/exports,
	but the Administrators need to have also write access so they can modify
	the file.

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