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NFS server behaviour when deleting directories and their contents


I noticed something strange though I'm not sure if this is a problem in 
NFS or Cygwin itself.

The setup is still the same (as described in previous messages from me). 
On the linux machine I mount my Cygwin home directory and copy into it a 
large directory containing only file entries in it. Here are the 
instructions on how to create this directory (on the linux machine) and 
its contents:

1. mkdir name_of_dir
2. cd name_of_dir
3. dd if=/dev/zero of=test.dat bs=1M count=698
4. split -b 12m test.dat
5. rm -rf test.dat

Now I copy this dir to the Cygwin home mounted over NFS:

cp -r name_of_dir ~/laptop-home

After the copy finishes (it takes a while) I remove this directory:

rm -rf ~/laptop-home/name_of_dir

I see the following error message:
rm: cannot remove directory `/home/ptsekov/laptop-home/TEST/': Directory 
not empty

I try again and the second time it always succeeds. Now I thought that it 
may be some timeout problem and I have to wait some  time after the copy 
finishes and then delete. I've tried waiting more then 30 minutes but the 
same thing happened. The first rm command failed and then the second one 
succeeded immediately after the first one.

I suggest if someone is going to track this to use the file sizes I've 
specified above. I've tried with the same file size (698M) but split the 
file in parts each of 20M - the problem didnt show up. I've tried with 
parts of 15M and it shows up.

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