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RE: NFS server (final?)


> > Unable to seteuid(0): Invalid argument
> Are you running nfsd as a service, or as a user process?

I'm running portmap, rpc.mountd and rpc.nfsd as services. I've used
the nfs-server-config script to install the services. The OS is Win2k 
Pro + SP3. Cygwin is stock 1.3.20-1.

> > On the linux workstation I've arranged for the user 'ptsekov' 
> > to be able 
> > to mount this directory by himself i.e. the user 'ptsekov' 
> > issues the 'mount'
> > command and not the 'root' user.
> > 
> > Is it ok ?
> Can you explain the details of how you set this up on your
> linux box?  I've not done this before, and I'd like to be
> able to try and reproduce your environment.

On the Linux machine I've added a line for the exported Cygwin directory 
in /etc/fstab like this: /home/ptsekov/laptop-home nfs user   0 0 is my laptop which is running Cygwin :) This line allows
oridnary users to issue the 'mount' command for the specified entry, 
see fstab(5). So, on the linux box, logged in as a normal user, I just 
type 'mount ~/latop-home' and it works :)

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