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Re: NFS server (final?)


I see in the event viewer entries like this coming from the nfs daemon:

Unable to seteuid(0): Invalid argument

I have a single directory exported - /home/ptsekov. The line from 
/etc/exports looks like this:

/home/ptsekov myhost(rw,map_static=/etc/nfs/

The contents of /etc/nfs/ look like this:

$ cat /etc/nfs/
uid 0-499 -
uid 500 1000
gid 0-499 -
gid 500 513

500 is the user id for the user 'ptsekov' on the linux workstation where 
I'm mounting the exported dir.

On the linux workstation I've arranged for the user 'ptsekov' to be able 
to mount this directory by himself i.e. the user 'ptsekov' issues the 'mount'
command and not the 'root' user.

Is it ok ?

On Tue, 11 Feb 2003, Robb, Sam wrote:

> All,
>   I've tracked down a last couple of annoyances with the
> NFS server (at least under W2K).
>   Using the current version, I am able to export any "real"
> files that exist under the Cygwin root.  Virtual directories
> (/cygdrive, /proc, /dev, etc.) cannot be exported, though
> there is a workaround documented in the README that explains
> how to export a /cygdrive path.
>   Unless someone voices objections, I consider this version
> ready for an initial release.

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