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Re: someone to take over cURL maintenance?

Roth, Kevin P. wrote:
> Would anyone care to take over maintainer-ship of the cygwin
> build of cURL? There is of course a Win32 native build of
> curl that works just fine for those (like me) who only use
> the command-line curl.exe, but the benefits of having a
> version built within cygwin are:
> 1. the win32 version doesn't support posix-style paths in its
>    arguments
> 2. cygcurl-2.dll would be available for other apps to link to
>    (though I have no idea how many, if any, are using this).
> I've found I don't use any of the cygwin-specific bits, and
> don't really have the knowledge to keep up with it. Recently,
> the upstream maintainer upgraded his autotools, and since then
> it is no longer building quite right. I get an error about
> WinMain@16 while building the DLL, during the link stage. In
> version 7.10.2, I could get around it by re-building configure
> and the Makefiles. But with the new 7.10.3 release (last week),
> I can't seem to get it working again.

Hmm. I'm not volunteering to maintain curl, but I did look into the
autotools problem. I couldn't reproduce any WinMain errors. My results were:

tar jxvf curl-7.10.3.tar.bz2 && cd curl-7.10.3 && ./reconf && ./configure &&
 * libtool chose to build libcurl static only

tar jxvf curl-7.10.3.tar.bz2 && cd curl-7.10.3 && libtoolize -f -c &&
./reconf && ./configure && make
 * everything worked


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