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Re: new libxml2 / libxslt packages?

>>>>> "RC" == Robert Collins <> writes:

>>  I feel your pain from trying to compile them from source myself.
>> Incidentally why is to so difficult to compile the original sources
>> out-of-the-box?  If there are fixes you need to make (e.g. source
>> or build files like, etc)., have you been
>> feeding them back to Daniel Veillard so that he can put them in the
>> mainline source?  The easier it is to build without mods on vanilla
>> Cygwin, the easier it would be to test new releases of the pristine
>> sources on Cygwin and reduce your load in packaging...

RC> Check the changelog :]. Yes, I'm on the libx* lists, and routinely
RC> feed some patches back after each cygwin release.

Mea culpa.  I should have checked the ChangeLog before I suggested
that... :-{ I actually did download the source w/ Cygwin patches as
you suggested below, but I guess I wondered why those patches weren't
already in the source package if you had been feeding them back.  I
suppose those patches have been rolled into the current versions?

>> If you want to send me a modified version of the most currently
>> released source that should compile out-of-the-box with a simple
>> configure/make/make install, I'd be happy to test them.

RC> run setup.exe, tick the source tickbox beside libxml and libxslt.
RC> That'll grab the source and the patches for the released version.

I did that, but I was wondering whether you had patches against the
current released versions that you need to test.  

In the case of libxslt, would you expect the patches against 1.0.13 to
apply cleanly to 1.0.25?  I'm confused Wouldn't those patches already
be well and truly rolled back into libxslt itself by now?

RC> The problem is that libxml and libxslt need very recent autotools,
RC> and daniel doesn't like autotools - thus updates rarely. In fact,
RC> until recently the libtool we need wasn't even in pre-release
RC> mode.

I'm confused, does he need the newer autotool(s) to build the
packages, or does Cygwin need them?  Are there autoconf/automake
macros that he should be using in that are
required for Cygwin?

>> Does the building libxslt with Python bindings simply not work, or
>> are these bugs that show up after it's built and installed.

RC> I don't think the libxslt python bindings existed when I last
RC> updated the package :/.

I see.  OK, to just get the damn things to compile under Cygwin,
should I even attempt to apply the old patches against the new sources
and try and compile that, or is that just a non-starter?

Regards, Alex

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