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Re: [ITP] par 1.52

Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:

Runtime requirements:
cygwin-1.3.19 or newer

So this won't work with older dlls?
I have no time to install "many old versions" just to check if it works, I have the habit to put there the version used to compile it
BTW: I *always* did so in ALL my packages ^_^

Anyway if you perfer I'll change it into "tested with cygwin-1.3.19, shuold work with other releases" thought it seems clunky to me

Build requirements:
cygwin-1.3.19 or newer

Really? Not gcc? Not patch? Obvious or not, they should be listed.

Again, this is a change I should do to all my packages (if it is a good change for this one, shuld be also for the others).

Actually I would need a "virgin" system with no package installed to see exactly on what missing program the various installations chocke... it's not obly a question of "gcc", but maybe "awk", "grep", "make", "sed" and so on...

Anyway in *this* case this is pretty simple (make, gcc and nothing else) but the others... whoa...

The binary worked fine for me and the packages documentation is great.
I especially like that it can automatically re-align email quotes with
Vim. :) In fact, this paragraph was reformatted with par.

Yup, it's a very good reformatter, I wonder why I discovered it only 1 week ago =(

Lapo 'Raist' Luchini (PGP & X.509 keys available) (ICQ UIN: 529796)

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