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[ITP] sunrpc-4.0-1, nfs-server-2.2.47-1


  As nobody's made a fuss about licensing issues or
similar topics, I've posted the sunrpc and nfs-server
package files for review.  They're available at:

Direct links:

# sunrpc
category:	Libs
requires:	cygwin
sdesc:		"Sun RPC (ONC/RPC) libraries and utilities."
ldesc:		"This distribution contains Sun Microsystem's implementation of the
		RPC and XDR protocols.  Also included is complete documentation,
		utilities, RPC service specification files, and demonstration services
		in the format used by the RPC protocol compiler (rpcgen)."

# nfs-server
category:	Net
requires:	cygwin sunrpc
sdesc:		"Universal NFS server."
ldesc:		"This package contains an NFS daemon (rpc.nfsd) and a mount daemon (rpc.mountd).
		Unlike other NFS daemons, this NFS server runs entirely in user space. This makes
		it a tad slower than other NFS implementations, and also introduces some
		awkwardnesses in the semantics (for instance, moving a file to a different
		directory will render its file handle invalid)."


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