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Re: rebase / STL set patch

On Thu, 2002-08-29 at 01:44, Jason Tishler wrote:
> make clobber -- for the bandwidth challenged, next time?

oopsee. :}.
> > There were a few logic flaws that made it not work for me.
> Huh?  Do you mean the RebaseConfigParser::parseFoo diffs?  I couldn't
> find any other likely candidates.  Nevertheless, I don't see why it
> didn't work before and does after your changes.  BTW, the handling of
> parsing errors is very weak right now -- I have been meaning to add some
> "FIXMEs."

The missing return true from the parser submethods. status=foo(), and
foo() didn't return a value.
> I would prefer to deal with these minor points sooner rather than later.
> Are the setup coding conventions documented anywhere?  I tried to find
> them at:

Not formally. Quickly though (and you do do most of these already):

* Code formatted with indent. If it gets it wrong, ah well.
* Each header file must be able to be compiled as a single translation
unit on it's own - the easiest way to check this is to include the
header for class foo as the first include within class foo.
* defines to protect the classes should be fully capitalised.
* All code to compile with -Werror -Wall -(see setup's
* follow the GNU guidelines where they don't contradict what I've just

Thats really about it.


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