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Re: W2K and sshd, ssh - asks for password

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Um.  I guess you could ask "what's the point" about mailing lists at all.
> Mailing lists have specific purposes.  Asking about how to run sshd in
> cygwin-apps is not appropriate.
> If Corinna hadn't mentioned the fact that it was off-topic, you know
> that I certainly would have.
You are 100% right in both cases - Had Corinna not pointed it out, I know you 
would have and cygwin-apps was not the appropriate place to post.  At the time 
I wrote it, cygwin-apps seemed appropriate (in my mind) but I should have gone 
to the web and reread the description of what goes in cygwin-apps versus 
cygwin.  I was wrong in my choice.  

>>> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>>> Whatever, this isn't appropriate for cygwin-apps.

>> Brian Keener wrote:
>> Sheesh - Thanks for all you help. I am deeply touched and overwhelmed.

> Max Bowsher wrote:
> Why the lousy attitude?

The lousy attitude stems from the fact that I sometimes feel the responses (not 
just to me) are sometimes a bit more terse than need me.  Perhaps it would not 
have touched me off so much had the response not been "Whatever, this isn't 
appropriate for cygwin-apps."  Perhaps a better response would have been to 
simply say "This is more appropriate for the cygwin list" - now I know (and no 
argument - I should have already known) that I am in the wrong place (and so 
does anyone else that might be watching) and I know the right place (as does 
anyone else).  Or at the very least the response without the "Whatever" (I can 
almost hear someone saying this and it doesn't come across good in my minds 
ear) would not have touched me off so bad, I think.

As to the rest of Max's comments:

> 1. Corinna was entirely justified - your question has no place on cygwin-apps 

 Correct.  As I said previously it was not the lesson but the method of 

> 2. The Red Hat people on the lists are usually very busy. Be kind to them.

Yes they are - I am immensly impressed by them and their talents.  Would that I 
could program as well and tackle some of the projects and problems they do.  

> 3. Just because Corinna may be the person you think is most qualified to help
> you, don't assume that no one else can. Now, I had a similar problem, which I

Again Max is correct - I was sure others could help but I was also sure Corinna 
was a prime candidate for recognizing what was wrong (besides the wrong 
newsgroup :-) )  I am glad I was able to jog Max's memory on his problem and 
also that he has offered to help me on mine.

I will attempt the steps Max describes later this evening or tomorrow and post 
the results as requested (to the Cygwin list).

As to the discussion of ntsec being required and whether or not NTFS was or was
not required - I thought I remembered reading that NTFS was a requirement for 
ntsec to work and therefore if sshd and the authentication require ntsec then 
they would also require NTFS? 


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