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RE: setup.exe and replacing of in-use files

Ralf Habacker wrote:
> >>Who is creating kde's setup.ini?  Are they writing it by hand,
> >>
> >
> >By hand, because sourceforge does not allow any subdirs in the
> download area, so
> >upset and other scripts are not usable:-(
> >
> Why don't you ASK them to allow you to create folders.
> Explain why you need them.

For what should this be good, when I cannot have write access to this folder ?

The download area is completly managed by php scripts using a postgresql
database and they does not allow direct manipulation.

2. sourceforge is now only a service and no more an open source application, so
there is no possibility to change the php sources to implement such a
functionality. It seems curious, but it is not possible to delete or rename
files in the download area, so the consequence is, that there is no chance to
correct done decisions :-(

3. if there would be a way over the sourceforge stuff I don't like to send a
support request for each update I like to do and  it seems the don't like to
implement such feature, for which I have send in a feature request without any
replay :-(

> Have you tried logging in to your shell account and manually create the

Yes, of course, but unfortunally project members have no shell access to the
download area because of the database synchronisation problems.

> Also, you could just use Upset on your own machine
> to generate the ini file, then strip the directories away...

This may be a solution, but isn't upset a perl script ? Currently that may be a
little problem for me because I'm not a perl expert, but I will take a look.



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