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Re: [setup-]: On first install, setup crashes when usercycles chooser

Robert Collins wrote:

Nicholas, check your yahoo account, I emailed you there hours ago.

Thank you for the stack dump it will likely help. Where on the screen
did you click - beside the 'all' category / on a specific package?


-----Original Message-----
From: Nicholas Wourms [] Sent: Sunday, 14 July 2002 11:49 PM
To: Robert Collins


Since you never got back to me, I went ahead and resetup a build environment for setup.exe. I built the latest setup sources from CVS(as of 9:00am [-5:00 GMT] on Sunday) with "-g" for debugging. I have attached the log from drmingw as it catches the crash on Windows2K. Debugview had no relevant information to give, however drmingw did. I hope this helps...


As I mentioned before, all I did was click once in the red circle in the image from my original post. Let me clarify, the red circle is exactly where I clicked. That's all I have to do. My install directory is:


and the cache folder is:


I should note that the same behaviour occurs if I switch views to the next one that shows all the packages in alphabetcial order and I attempt to select a package for installation which is marked as "skip". However the stacktrace sent is only for the behavior first mentioned.


P.S. - If you sent it, I never got it. I hope you didn't send it as an attachment, b/c yahoo doesn't allow me to recieve > 1MB attachments. Oh well, it's a moot point now anyhow...

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