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progress (sort of) on ImageMagick and libwmf packages

Just an update on the (lack of) progress on ImageMagick packaging,
to prevent any duplication of effort.  

Real work has taken me couple of thousand kilometres up and 
down the east coast (of Australia) most weeks.  This has given me
some free evenings to play with cygwin, but has removed most of my 
web access.  With luck, I will get something finished in the next 
week or so.

I have built, using method 2, packages of 
 - libwmf-0.2.5
 - ImageMagick-5.4.6 (including libwmf)
I need to finish the READMEs, but I think they are OK otherwise.

I built libwmf without Xwindows support.  The only reason for 
this decision was to reduce the number of dependencies.  This
could be changed if required.  

I have not included the C++ and perl bindings for ImageMagick.
 - C++ because the ABI will change with gcc-3.1
 - perl because I can't work out how to package it.
I propose to release a C only package, then include the C++
bindings in a later release.  Perhaps the perl bindings could
be a separate package if the packaging issues can be solved.

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