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Re: [ITP] FreeCiv 1.12.0 for X

Nicholas Wourms wrote:

Yes, you really should be subscribed to the XFree86 mailing list if you are ITP'ing a package for X. However, since ghostscript was a switch hitter, apparently it was ok for it to get approved here. I believe Freeciv has an ncurses version, so I'm not real sure what the protocol would be on this. Should do an ITP on cygwin-xfree as well?

Will there be two FreeCiv's or just one? If there's only a single binary, and it's X-based PLUS ncurses based, then I would consider it an X app; it should be discussed on cygwin-xfree.

If there are two binaries (and X version and a separate ncurses version) that can each be installed independently of the other -- with perhaps a third "common" package that each depends on -- then I'd probably two-track it. Post to both cygwin-apps and cygwin-xfree.

Or, release it in stages: first the non-X version, thru cygwin-apps. Then later the X- version, which should probably be discussed on both cygwin-apps and cygwin-xfree. (Yeah, ghostscript-X should've been cc:ed to cygwin-xfree, probably).

if it is solely X-based, or if the maintainer is only going to release an X version, then stay strictly on cygwin-xfree.

IMO. :-)


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