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Re: [PATCH]: mknetrel builds Guile #3: libtool

Nicholas Wourms wrote:

Let keep the conversation about building a cross-compiler automatically going. I think CGF is being rather stubborn about it and doesn't see the potential benefits for the end user.

No need to be confrontational, Nicholas...

What probably should happen is the build cross environment script should be in a separate cvs tree and maintained apart from mknetrel. When things get properly situated, then we could release a package that contains these scripts for people to download and use as they see fit. Perhaps that could be build method #3.

You're probably talking about a linux/solaris/hpux/whatever "package" that consists of all of the cross compiler bits for a cygwin-target environment.

Why does this need to be driven by mknetrel?

Sure, I see that mknetrel needs to *work* within that linux-host, cygwin-target environment -- but there is no reason why the environment itself should be created by mknetrel.

Seems like, if you *really* want to do this, the "right answer" is to use the native packaging tools on the HOST platform -- that means rpm or dpkg or whatnot.

OTOH, *personally* I don't care one way or the other -- I don't use a cross-hosted environ. It's cgf's personal project which he has graciously made available, and it is intended for a very specific purpose: building packages that will be installed on *cygwin*. Not building packages that will be installed on <insert fav unix>, that themselves will be used to build cygwin packages.

Since it's Chris's project, he can set the goals/scope of the project as narrow or as wide as he likes; and given that the other platforms have better native tools to do exactly what you want, shouldn't all this effort be focused on making a better .spec file for gcc-linuxHcygwinT-3.1.0-i686.rpm? or dpkg or whatnot?


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