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Re: [PATCH]: mknetrel builds Guile #1: init

Christopher Faylor <> writes:

> I've checked in a modified version of this patch.


> I eliminated some of the wording in the README.  Especially the parts
> that say that mknetrel is a cross build tool.  Can we lay that one to
> rest now?

Sure.  But it's *also* a cross build tool; it is (was) even configured
that way.  It may be good if google would find mknetrel when you look
for cygwin+cross+packaging?

> The ChangeLog was not GNU standard, either.

It wasn't?  Sorry, I'll have a close look at CVS.

> I think you can safely assume that I want the same kind of
> ChangeLogs (not ChangeLog patches) as are mentioned on
> .

Hmm, very odd.  I'll try to remember this exception.

> Oh, one part wasn't.  The layout is supposed to be like this:
> /netrel
>  bin
>  extra
>  src
>  inst
>  uploads
>  log
> So, the location of extra was not erroneous.

I don't think so; it depends on your defaults.  This is only the so
in the 'exceptional' case where netrel_root=.

My layout is:


/bin and /extra are in the mknetrel source dir, and the others may
well be somewhere else.  Without this fix, mknetrel tries to find
/extra under /netrel.


Jan Nieuwenhuizen <> | GNU LilyPond - The music typesetter       |

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