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Re: Ghostscript 7.05 test version ready for review, upload

Dario Alcocer wrote:

BTW, refresh me on the jpeg problem? Why can't gs use the official cygwin library?

Here are the comments from unix-gcc.mak, Ghostscript 6.x:

    # Choose whether to use a shared version of the IJG JPEG library (-ljpeg).
    # DON'T DO THIS. If you do, the resulting executable will not be able to
    # read some PostScript files containing JPEG data, because Adobe chose to
    # define PostScript's JPEG capabilities in a way that is slightly
    # incompatible with the JPEG standard.  Note also that if you set SHARE_JPEG
    # to 1, you must still have the library header files available to compile
    # Ghostscript.  See doc/Make.htm for more information.

Oh yeah, now I remember.  grumble grumble Adobe grumble bastards grumble...

In summary, the packages look good -- but the setup.hints need some work. :-)

OK, details mentioned above are fixed now.  Please take a look again
when you have the chance.  (The files that changed are setup.hint,
md5sum, and the source package.)

Erm, you realize that the setup.hints are supposed to be *separate* files, right? one for each package... eventually, on sourceware we'll have:

-src tarball
binary tarball
setup.hint (1)

binary tarball for -x11- version
setup.hint (2)

"binary" tarball for -base- package
setup.hint (3)

Where (1) contains the fragment that applies to the non-X ghostscript pacakge, (2) contains the fragment that applies to the -X ghostscript package, and (3) ...

Now, it doesn't really matter HOW that information is stored inside the -src archive (at least, presently). If you want it to be all in one file, that's fine -- but you'll need to split it up into separate files *on your website* before whoever uploads it to sourceware will touch it. <g>

-- other comments --

For ghostscript-x and ghostscript-base, you don't need a 'curr:' line -- there is no version 6.51-4 of those packages. And, since you've explicitly marked 'test:' versions, upset will NOT autoassign them to 'current'.

Also, you need to add a line to the ghostscript-x11 and ghostscript-base setup.hints:

external-source: ghostscript


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