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extra apache shared module DLLs


I'd like to hear from the list how we should distribute additional
apache shared module DLLs that don't come with the Apache official
source tree. I think especially of all the modules I had been doing
for the CAMP (Cygwin Apache MySQL PHP Framework) like:


and so on.

>From my point of view we may have 3 alternatives:

(i) package each module to an "apache-mod_foobar-X-Y.tar.bz2" binary
package and distribute through the standard Cygwin setup.exe (setting
setup.hint to require the apache-1.3.x base package)

(ii) do not distribute additional modules at all via setup.exe. In
that case I would offer the pre-compiled modules via

(iii) build a large (with lots of modules) CAMP binary package and
distribute that one as setup.exe package

Any comments or suggestions?

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40470 Düsseldorf

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