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[ANN] apache-1.3.22-3 (final?!)

[ANN] apache_1.3.22 package available for setup inclusion

[ANN] apache_1.3.22-2

[ANN] rcs-5.7 package available

[ping] [WAS: Re: Texmf stalled, or waiting for votes?]

[SETUP.exe] Couple observations on v2.171/ possible bugs

accidental commit?

adding status flag for cygrunsrv

Re: announcements trapped by anti-viral filter

any chance...

Apache 1.3.22-3 ready to go?!

Apache Problem (was: Re: [ANN] apache_1.3.22 package available for setup inclusion)

apache-1.3.22-4 no-detach patch

autotool man and info pages

base-files package needs a maintainer

call matlab from C

comments on texmf package?

Re: Contribution Package Proposal: JASSPA's MicroEmacs

Current setup hangs if file can't get installed

cygpath patch

Cygwin Python cyg vs. lib (was Re: [ANN] apache_1.3.22 package ...)

Re: cygwin-apps Digest 15 Jan 2002 17:47:13 -0000 Issue 300

Fw: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

DocBook and OpenJade packages

Download Directory Structure for setup.exe

emacs or xemacs

FW: failure notice

faulty symlinks in setup.exe should be fixed


a few new packages

for the brave

Gary's Setup.exe v2.162

gcc -mno-cygwin STL support for setup.exe?

gcc v3 compile problem

gcc v3 issue -- hacky solution

gnuplot problem under Xfree86

indent-2.2.7 updated to 2.2.7-2

install from localdir without setup.ini?

ITP: libtool-devel, libtool-stable, libtool (wrappers)

last package

RE: libtool-devel and kde2 - problem with AC_PROG_CXX


Low-level progress messages in setup.log

Maintainers of CURL, MUTT, PYTHON and WGET, heads up!

moratorium on new setup.exe features, please?

Re: multiple mirror code && setup HEAD

my "fortune" patches to make "-m" work

mysql server out of the list

New "fortune" package ready for uploading

new policy for packages

RE: New setup build for people's perusal

openssl 0.9.6c-2 compile thread-safe?!

pregerenated cinstall/configure broken in cvs

Preliminary patch for symlink problem in setup.exe

Re: rebase for setup.

Rebase Status

Re: Restructuring gettext

RFC: updated package wget-1.7.1-1



Setup - Idea...

setup crashing (attn Corinna)

setup crashing - fixed?

Re: setup crashing - fixed? (TNG)

Setup Log Directories

setup.exe command line options

setup.exe copyright?

setup.exe lnk generation

setup.exe looks good!

Re: setup.exe remove scripts [Was: Re: experimental texmf packages]

setup.exe Splash

Setup.exe: "/" prefix on symlinks

setup.exe: Feature frozen now

sh-utils: "su" patch for use with ntsec..


Success report: Setup.exe on Windows 2000.

Re: tetex-beta-2

tetex-beta-20001218 available for testing

tetex-beta-20001218-3 package overwrites /usr/info/dir file

texmf matching new tetex-beta-20001218-3

texmf packages ready

Re: Texmf stalled, or waiting for votes?

Texmf stalled, or waiting for votes?


Re: usr/doc/[cC]ygwin requirement

Volunteer to maintain links, the text mode web browser

What happened to gcc\g++ in setup.exe ?

RE: which which

whois package

would someone kindly upload a new version of curl for me???

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