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Re: moratorium on new setup.exe features, please?

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From: "Christopher Faylor" <>

> Can we concentrate on releasing a new version of setup.exe, please?

Sure. Just add another few days to my days, and I can do that.

> I'd like to eliminate the confusion that the current version of
> is causing.  It seems like we are in a standard "add one more thing"
> when people are experiencing real problems and real confusion with the
> currently released setup.exe.

Nope. It's feature frozen. I announced that about 2 days ago. The *only*
reason I'm doing the major char *->String overhaul is to ensure there
are no more hidden heap corruptions occuring. The char[] seems to have
the potential to confuse gcc.

> The only thing that I really wanted for the next release was clickable
> categories.  We have quite a bit more than that so I assume there will
> be additional unforeseen headaches coming.  This is standard when you
> add new features.  The more features you add, the more headaches
> get.

Of course. I only got clickable categories done last week or so though

> So, lets just concentrate on getting something out the door which
> the known issues.  The biggest known issue right now is the "How do I
> install everything?"

When it's ready, it'll ship. Don't worry.


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