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Re: setup.exe looks good!

----- Original Message -----
From: "Gary R. Van Sickle" <>
> > I just built the latest setup.exe.  It looks really nice.  And, I
see that
> > clickable categories are working!
> Are they ever!  And did you catch the "replace files in use" feature?
Yeah it
> makes you reboot, but still, pretty sweet.

*Bow*. I still ain't heard boo from any win9x users. Anyone that can lay
hand on a 9x machine and test this *before* we release the updated
version, would be doing me a favour.

> I keep meaning to suggest the same thing, and maybe even lines like
you get on
> most such expanding list control thingies.  But I think Rob is rolling
his own
> here instead of using the ListView common control (which isn't
available on a
> stock 95 machine AFAIK), so lines might be asking a bit much.  But I'd
> that at a minimum, simply adding a toggling +/- to the front of each
> string wouldn't be too traumatic.  Rob?

Listviews aren't hierarchical. Treeviews suck. So C++ to the rescue. I
may wrap the end result in window messages at some point, but not being
a win32 windowing API wizzzard thats a low priority. As for
requirements, 95 +IE 4 is the minimum, and that wouldn't be a
showstopper IMO (but the functionality is :})

> > Hopefully, that won't translate into it being completely
> > for everyone on the cygwin@cygwin list.
> Well, we are working hard on the mindreading mode....

Shh! Be veri veri quite. I'm hunting rabbit.


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