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Re: DocBook and OpenJade packages

Jon Foster wrote:
> I've recently installed the DocBook text processing system under CygWin.
> This was quite fiddly, as there are many small tools that have to be
> downloaded and configured.
> I'm willing to volunteer to produce and maintain proper CygWin packages for
> these tools, so that they can be easily installed by just choosing the
> packages in the setup program.
> * Is this something you'd like?

+1 from me. I need this for several packages, and for Kannel too :)

> * Is anybody currently working on this?

I tried, but dropped it -- so no conflicts from me here. Go for it. 

> As per the guidelines at, I've written proposed
> setup.hint files - they're at the end of this e-mail.  Comments welcome.
> I haven't started working on the actual packages yet.

please let us know as soon as you have some downloads for testing to

Wapme Systems AG

Münsterstr. 248
40470 Düsseldorf

Tel: +49-211-74845-0
Fax: +49-211-74845-299

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