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Re: for the brave

Charles Wilson wrote:

> Robert Collins wrote:
>> IIRC this is reproducible for you Chuck, can you shoot me some logs
>> please.
> Okay, this is from setup 2.188 (compiled just now) and I am trying to do 
> a local install from //polgara/private/software/windows/cygwin-new/ 
> which contains a standard tree structure and the attached setup.ini. 
> Setup responds "can't get setup.ini from setup.ini"


After applying the attached patch to setup 2.188, I got a clue that the 
problem was that my 'local' repository was on a remote share 
'//polgara/private/'.  So, I copied the 
//polgara/private/software/windows/cygwin-new tree over to my local disk 
-- and things were kinda okay for a while.

I got to the chooser screen, and it listed the bzip2 package and 
libbz2_0 package:

1.0.1-6   1.0.2-1   bzip2: sdesc...
           1.0.2-1   libbz2_0: sdesc...

When I said "install", I briefly got the progress screen -- and then a 
BSOD. memory dump sent separately.  This is on W2K, McAfee *was* turned 


So, the problem with "unable to get setup.ini from setup.ini" seems to 
be due to problems handling windows shares in the "local_dir" variable 

Now, my problem list is;
   SEGV when clicking 'ADD' new site for internet installations. (null 
   local_dir on a windows share

RCS file: /cvs/src/src/winsup/cinstall/,v
retrieving revision 2.2
diff -u -r2.2
---	2002/01/26 04:21:34	2.2
+++	2002/01/27 20:00:26
@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@
   f.pkg[0] = f.what[0] = '\0';
   p = base (fn);
   for (ver = p; *ver; ver++)
-    if (*ver == '-' || *ver == '_')
+    if (*ver == '-')
       if (isdigit (ver[1]))
 	  *ver++ = 0;
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/winsup/cinstall/,v
retrieving revision 2.18
diff -u -r2.18
---	2002/01/20 13:31:04	2.18
+++	2002/01/27 20:00:27
@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@
   io_stream *ini_file = io_stream::open (concat ("file://", local_dir,"/", path, 0), "rb");
   if (!ini_file)
-    note (NULL, IDS_SETUPINI_MISSING, path);
+    note (NULL, IDS_SETUPINI_MISSING, (concat("file://", local_dir, "/", path, 0) ) );

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