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Re: Texmf stalled, or waiting for votes?

"Jérôme-Georges-Michel BENOIT" <> writes:

> I have just checked the texmf-* tarballs:

Ok, thanks.

> in the directory 'usr/doc' the subdirectory `cygwin' is `cygwin' but
> not `Cygwin' (the first charactere is a lower case).

Hmm, strange.  It looks ok here:

    tar tjf ~/g/tar/texmf/texmf-20000804-2.tar.bz2 | grep Cygwin

Maybe you already had a `usr/doc/cygwin' ligging around?  That would
prevent creating the capitalised Cygwin from being created.

> Otherwise I wonder if we can install and uninstall the tetex-beta
> and texmf-* packages without damages: on my computer the
> uninstallation of `tetex-beta' modify the directory
> `/usr/share/texmf' and I have to make some fixes by hand.

Yes.  I've made a patch for setup.exe, which has been included, so
that it now accepts pre- and postremove scripts.  The difficult thing
is to figure out what exactly should be done, and when.

> I guess that the next step to see that is to make the texmf-*
> available for test for a while in such a way we can adjust
> tetex-beta and texmf-*.

Yes, I would think so too.  I've received a few good reports, and sent
one small problem with solution to the cygwin list this week.


Jan Nieuwenhuizen <> | GNU LilyPond - The music typesetter       |

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