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Setup - Idea...

Hi ... I am going out on a limb here and assume that this feature hasnt been
suggested before. (ummm yeah I know I should of checked the message lists -
I am prepared to shoot myself if I am wrong :P)

Having just read Corinna's announcement that regex was going to be removed.
I was thinking that prehaps there should be the ability to create an entry
in setup.ini - which will cause setup to default to uninstall for a given
package.  Not sure if in this case it would be the best idea - but prehaps
there are other circumstances where it would it might come in useful in the

If theres interest - I can probably steal enough time to write a patch (umm
I - *hope*)

Gareth - is sorely tempted to try and give BIND ago for maintainership -
since its requested so much :P ... wonder if people complaining about it not
working would mind 'I aint got a clue - I just maintaining this for lack of
a maintainer' on a regular basis ;)

hmm still need to decide between nano 1.0.8 and 1.1.5 as well.

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