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Re: setup.exe command line options

"" wrote:
> I've made some progress, but it's still (infuriatingly) not at the stage
> where you can do a whole installation without dialog boxes (no offense -
> they're lovely dialog boxes!), but you can certainly have *fewer* dialog
> boxes!

Maybe cross-topic, but I'll try:

I would like to see a command line option to setup.exe that can be
used to "update" the current installed packages from the same source.
I think of remoted update via setup.exe through a ssh session.

Is this anyway possible? At least the cygwin core package has it's
problem I guess since cygwin1.dll needs to be replaced and several NT
services are running at that point?!

So the question is: How to upgrade a remote Cygwin machine? I guess no
solution for now.

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