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Re: Setup Log Directories

----- Original Message -----
From: "Michael A Chase" <>
> > >
> > > Are you just saying that '/' may not be the appropriate place?  If
> > I'd
> > > vote for /var/log/setup/.
> >
> > See my recent reply to 'for the brave' :].
> I think the reason for dropping the log files in the setup.exe
directory for
> downloads is that there may not be any cygwin directories if you are
> downloading in a system that doesn't have any cygwin binaries
installed.  In
> that case, the download base directory would probably be appropriate.
I can
> dig around and see what is needed to make that visible when the log
> are written.

I corrected it last night to go to the download base directory for the
cases where it had been going to the setup.exe location. There are two
reasons not to go to the setup.exe location.
1) What if that's in a internet temp directory? Urrgh.
2) What if it's on a CD-ROM?

> Perhaps instead of depending on the operation being performed, a check
> /var/log/ should control which site is written to.  If /var/log/ isn't
> present, then write in the download base directory.

Well, for source downloads, the network admin might want to see whats
been downloaded - regardless of machine. So download only should go to
the download root (as it does now).
But for an install, that should be specific to the machine...


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