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Re: gcc v3 issue -- hacky solution

----- Original Message -----
From: "Christopher Faylor" <>
> There's a library -- it's libstdc++.a.


> >but the no-exceptions clause won't fly without some convincing.
> How about, you can't do that unless you come up with some way of
> ensuring that there is a mingw version of libstdc++ available?

I can ensure that, but you won't like the answer. (Hint, have one native
compiler and one cross compiler built as required)

> The code in the repository is supposed to
> self-hosting.  You should be able to build it with nothing but a
> C compiler/linker.  We can't just say "You have to have the right
> library available."

Gotcha. Well, it seems to me that

> That seems like a pretty steep hill to me.
> Or, maybe we move the cinstall directory out of the winsup hierarchy
> and into cygwin-apps.  Then we can make our own rules.

I'm neutral on that. In some ways it'd be easier - ie for packaging, and
for building the native parser I keep mentioning...

> Please don't get me wrong.  It would actually make my life much easier
> if we could somehow create a mingw version of libstdc++.a (I'm getting
> carpal tunnel from typing that so much...).  The reason I'm bringing
> this up now is that I'm getting internal "This isn't building" email
> about some of the things in winsup/utils.  This wouldn't be an issue
> at all if we had a mingw version of libstdc+...  Ow!

Perhaps some of those folk would like to become a mingw library package

Or maybe Danny Smith can provide details on what it takes to build said
library, and one of the folk that keep building gcc for-the-hell-of-it
and talking on cygwin@ can become the maintainer?


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