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mysql server out of the list

Looks like the MySQL server is not doable due to the way Cygwin threads
are implemented, according to the authors.. Only 3 packages then.
- Stephan

Kaj Arnö writes:
> Stephan, 
> As opposed to a number of other products with a Unix background, MySQL
> already works well under Windows without any cygwin. Interfacing MySQL
> with cygwin is thus not needed; performance would deteriorate, and a port
> would likely incur problems with threads.
> However, the mysql command line interface could be ported to cygwin; it
> might even be that this has already been done.
> Regards,
> Kaj

Few additional comments to Kaj's excellent message.

Kaj is right on all accounts. And yes, our client has been ported with
Cygwin, and is a part of every Win32 distro, under the name of

Our GUI client, mysqlgui is built on Win32 only with CygWin.

Regarding a server, as CygWin does not support properly threads on
Win32, it is not doable. This is not important, as VC++, which we use
for building MySQL for Win32,  still makes 10% faster code then latest

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Stephan Erickson
Mufassa Corporation -
Effortless E-Commerce Solutions for Small Business.

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