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Re: gcc -mno-cygwin STL support for setup.exe?

----- Original Message -----
From: "Christopher Faylor" <>

> Weren't you going to rewrite rebase in C?  It is very likely that it
> be accepted into binutils otherwise.
> >About a year ago, there was some discussion about adding libstdc++.a
> >Cygwin's gcc -mno-cygwin mode.  Can we revisit this issue?
> The biggest issue with relying on libstdc++.a for for setup.exe is
that it
> requires this library to be built for cross-compilation.  I have no
idea how
> to do that.
> We have a looming problem here, though, since we will need to include
> least a libsupc++.a for -mno-cygwin if/when we start using gcc 3.x.  I
> build setup.exe with newer versions of gcc currently due to this lack.
> I don't know if libstdc++.a even builds under mingw currently.

I presume you mean mingw with gcc 3?

This could well be a serious issue as we use new() currently. I hate to
suggest it, but maybe having a contributed cross-compile package really
is the way to go. Sure, it'll massively increase
build-cross-compile-from-scratch overhead (build cygwin target, build
mingw target, build cygwin hosted) ....

I suspect that we'll need a mingw target cross compiler to generate the
correct threading model for libstc++ at a minimum.


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